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Before the expiry of the century Islamic last touch businessman self-made al-Sharif / Abdullah bin Zaid bin Nasser Al-Mahmoud need the city of Riyadh, which grew up between the shores to the medical service especially distinctive and mentality of the successful man and thought grownup been drawing policies and strategies based on the dream of the establishment, said a medical huge saves on asylum God willing, the healing bother to travel outside Saudi Arabia...

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  • A selection of the best doctors and specialists Consultants

    Friday | 6 March | 2015

  • Due to the development of a new hospital on the expansion of the hospital declares its need

    Tuesday | 3 March | 2015

    نظرا لاقبال المستشفى على توسعه جديدة

  • Dar Al Shifa Hospital blessed the king Salman

    Monday | 2 March | 2015

    ابتهاجاًً بمبايعة خادم الرحمن