Patients Rights



• Patient’s Rights: The policies and laws that are committed to protecting the health facility and maintained to patients and their families.
• Duties of the patients and their families: are the instructions that they must adhere to follow them and opt-out.


  • knowledge of the patient and his family of their rights, duties and responsibilities.
  • get the full health care.
  • maintain confidentiality and privacy of the patient.
  • respect and appreciation of the work team.
  • provide full protection and safety.
  • participation in the health care plan and treatment and to obtain sufficient information from the treating physician for diagnosis and treatment.
  • the patient has the right to ask him prior written consent for any medical or surgical procedure.
  • the patient’s right to refuse any treatment after clarify and AVI by your doctor about what this may cause rejection of complications does not bear the facility or physician as a result of this refusal.
  • participate in research programs and study after taking the patient’s consent.
  • clarify things material costs and the patient’s health insurance.
  • the patient’s right to present oral or written complaint or submit proposals for the management of the hospital.