Continuing Education

scientific lectures and Medical Education Hall

  • belief of the hospital need to prosecute medical development and scientific research has been to ensure the existence of a lecture hall equipped to the highest level and there are all devices modern scientific lectures to give and is currently linked to operating rooms and Gary negotiate with the European centers to link the auditorium directly with operations rooms and the hall can accommodate about a hundred individual and by extension luxury dining hall.
Dar Alshefa website |

  • Dar Al Shifa site was designed and programmed, in a simple and smooth and provides all the services and medical assistance needed by everyone, in addition to a team of experts Consultants and specialists have all the means and capabilities to handle all emergency and urgent cases, emergency, ambulance, reception and online booking team through the site working around the clock, we wish you safety all the time.

Continuing Medical Education

  • medical education management and continuing professional development goals:

    Improve the efficiency and quality performance of health practitioners for the purpose of improving the service provided to patients.
    Health practitioners to follow developments in their fields for the development of their skills and experience.