Thoracic section

  • clinic dedicated to the treatment of chest sensitivity and conduct the necessary tests to determine the source and cause of allergies and the treatment of acute asthmatic crisis and insoluble.
  • diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases of the chest.
  • and the latest available at the clinic to measure the ability of the lung and breathing devices.
  • Department of intensive care particularly for the treatment of chest diseases critical cases of pneumonia and chronic infections.
  • As the Department of General Surgery conduct:

    • hemorrhoids and fistula operations.
    • splenectomy.
    • hernia repair of various types.
    • the treatment of burns and deformities.
    • treatment of injuries and accidents.
    • diabetic foot treatment.

  • In addition to operating rooms equipped with air filters to reach the degree of 99.9%, which prevents the entry of dust particles.
    And sterilization devices safe surgical instruments, which are subject to the supervision of the league by the Ministry of Health and sophisticated high-tech equipment and qualified nursing staff and enjoyed many experiences in this field.