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Before the expiry of the century Islamic last touch businessman self-made al-Sharif / Abdullah bin Zaid bin Nasser Al-Mahmoud need the city of Riyadh, which grew up between the shores to the medical service especially distinctive and mentality of the successful man and thought grownup been drawing policies and strategies based on the dream of the establishment, said a medical huge saves on asylum God willing, the healing bother to travel outside Saudi Arabia...

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News Updates

  • Chairman of Dar Al-Shefa Hospital Company blesses and congratulates the homeland and employees celebrating the National Day

    Wednesday | 25 September | 2019

      The Chairman of Dar Al-Shefa Hospital Company, Sheikh

  • A set of performance indicators for Dar Al Shefa Hospital for the third quarter of 2019

    Saturday | 26 October | 2019

  • Join the family of Dar Al-Shefa Hospital d. Hanaa Elaraby Consultant Pediatrics

    Saturday | 7 September | 2019

      Qualifications : Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery,

  • Join the family of Dar Al-Shefa Hospital d. Amal Jamal Shalaby Intensive Care Specialist

    Saturday | 7 September | 2019

      Master in General Intensive Care 2013. Arab Institute

  • Join the family of Dar Al-Shefa Hospital d. Mohamed Abdel Moneim Senior Anesthesiologist

    Saturday | 7 September | 2019

      Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Ain Shams University

  • The Department of Home Health Care in Riyadh Health honors Dar Al Shefa Hospital

    Thursday | 4 July | 2019

      Dar Al-Shifa Hospital Company received a shield of

  • Field training on the implementation of evacuation plans and dealing with disasters for staff at Dar Al-Shefa Hospital

    Thursday | 4 July | 2019

      Complementing the continuous efforts, the safety unit in

  • Performing the first cardiac catheterization in Dar Al-Shefa Hospital

    Monday | 3 June | 2019

      Praise be to God before and after A cardiac

  • Ramadan Nights at Dar Al Shefa Hospital

    Wednesday | 22 May | 2019

      The first day of Ramadan Nights was held at Dar Al-Shefa

  • The launch of the initiative of the late / Ibrahim Al Mahmoud voluntary

    Thursday | 18 April | 2019

      The late Ibrahim Al Mahmoud Volunteer Initiative was

  • Organizing the World Social Service Day at Dar Al-Shefa Hospital

    Saturday | 30 March | 2019

      Dar Al-Shifa Hospital organized the World Social

  • Signing a memorandum of understanding and a partnership between Dar Al-Shefa Hospital and the Department of Education in Riyadh

    Thursday | 14 March | 2019

      Thank God .. A memorandum of understanding was signed

  • Join the family of Dar Al-Shefa Hospital d. Abdulaziz Ahmed Consultant Plastic Surgery

    Saturday | 26 January | 2019

      Cosmetic surgery Chest beautification (tightening -

  • Dar Al-Shefa Hospital Participates in Activating World Parkinson’s Day Campaign in Riyadh Gallery

    Tuesday | 22 January | 2019

      Dar Al-Shefa Hospital participated in the activation of

  • For the second time (the success of the blood donation campaign), the Dar Al-Shefa Hospital collaborated with the regional laboratory

    Thursday | 17 January | 2019

      Dar Al-Shefa Hospital organized a blood donation campaign

  • Dar Al-Shefa Hospital has been certified as “Gold Class” and certified as a supportive work environment for persons with disabilities

    Wednesday | 16 January | 2019

      Dar Al-Shefa Hospital has been certified as “Gold