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Department of Ambulance and Emergency

The ambulance and emergency department is considered one of the most important departments in hospitals, the only department that opens its doors to society and does not close it throughout the hours of the night or life to the patient.

Dar Al-Shefa Hospital administration strives continuously to provide the care that the reviewers expected. The waiting period is the largest for emergency departments in general, in Dar Al-Shifa Hospital, the staff makes efforts to maintain the average waiting period to be two hours at its maximum, and this is a dream similar to the waiting rate in international hospitals.

Patient follow-up and first aid procedures in emergency departments Emergency cases go through stages, after which the patient begins to enter the patient into the department where a nurse begins his experience, and he carries a “triage nurse” sign. Emergency cases and illnesses The state of her illness, and with it dealing with, for example, she waits for her. Two hours until you receive health care through waiting times.

The following photo in the emergency department, in the emergency department, in the emergency department, as in the photo, is posted in the following picture. Varying waiting times It must be noted that this waiting should improve the patient’s health in the case of the case. This is a fundamental and utmost priority that should not be tolerated, and the waiting period, which may reach an average of two hours and exceed four hours, may sometimes appear to be long for many people and even for many doctors. Radiographic, stratified and resonant photographs in case the patient’s condition requires that. The United States of America conducted a special study to examine the effectiveness and speed of emergency departments in the United States of America. The average time for a victory for the happiness of the patient is 6 hours. The United States in terms of the length of waiting and the length of the visit. ”

Emergencies and emergency treatment: emergency and emergency situations. Medical instructions in the emergency department, medicines, emergency, emergency, emergency, emergency, or,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or Or, or, or, or, or, or, or, or a destination for nurses wishing to obtain undue vacations, this undue pressure on emergency departments makes the effectiveness of these departments less and doubles the work of the medical, nursing and technical staff and increases the waiting period for the patient with Primary and normal status and primary health care.

The lack of societal awareness in the emergency department and its absence in emergency situations, its seriousness, danger, seriousness, danger, seriousness, and the work crew in many cases. Directly with patients and escorts in specific and direct stages, as their projects are conducted in a sick or sick condition or conducted in a sick or sick condition. The matter is made worse by the difficulty in the number of messages contained in the number of companions and patients per person, which may reach dozens of times, which confuses the work and works with you tension with the medical staff and patients themselves.

In conclusion, many savings, its coverage, its mark, its mark, terms, and conditions in the emergency department, and the time and time available for the medical and technical staff to work with high efficiency, which is positively reflected on the patient’s service.

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