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Document the rights and duties of patients and their families


  • Patient Rights:
    The policies and laws that Dar Al Shifa Hospital adheres to patients and their families.


  • Duties of patients and their families:
    Are the instructions that they must follow and abide by.


First: The rights of patients and their families:

  • Knowledge of patients and their families of their rights, duties and responsibilities.
  • Access to full health care.
  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy of the patient.
  • Respect and appreciation from the team.
  • Provide full protection and safety.
  • Participate in the health care plan – therapeutic and preventive – and get sufficient information from the attending physician (diagnosis and treatment).
  • The patient has the right to seek prior written consent for any medical or surgical work.
  • The patient has the right to refuse any treatment after a full explanation by the doctor about the effects and complications this rejection may cause.
  • Participate in research and study programs after taking the patient’s consent.
  • Clarification of financial costs and patient health insurance.
  • The patient has the right to make an oral or written complaint or to make suggestions to the hospital administration.

Second: Duties of Patients and Their Families:

  • The patient and his / her relatives should provide all information related to his / her health including medications, previously treated diseases, infectious diseases, allergies and frequency of treatment in any hospital.
  • The patient and his relatives should inform the attending physician if they do not intend to continue the prescribed treatment.
  • The patient and his / her family must follow all instructions and instructions and adhere to the regulations of the hospital, including adherence to the dates of the visit and fulfill all financial obligations related to patient care.
  • The patient and his / her family must respond to the treatment instructions provided by the medical staff.
    The patient and his / her family must observe the rights of other patients and hospital staff, observing non-disturbance and non-smoking within the hospital.
  • The hospital staff are there to serve you and they should be respected and not be violated in any form, whether verbally or physically.

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