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Before the expiry century last touch businessman self-made al-Sharif / Abdullah bin Zaid bin Nasser Al-Mahmoud need Riyadh that grew up between the shores of special and distinctive mentality successful man and thought mature medical service were policies and strategies based fee on the dream to establish a medical edifice huge saves on asylum healing, God willing, the trouble of traveling outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Then put the necessary plans were made available human and material resources and the successes achieved in accordance with the perspective of a businessman who was versed nucleus clinic included some of the disciplines that visions at the time the urgency of providing to announce the birth of Dar Al Shefa Medical Group in 1396. Spring in the heart of Riyadh, the capital city engaged in providing health service according to the concept of a new motto Nraakm after God’s care center.
Soon the dream and who watched the eyes of His Excellency Sharif Abdullah bin Zaid bin Nasser Al-Mahmoud, but grows slowly and increase the need for expansion due to the large turnout of patrons to request hospitalization drives them so characterize medical service, quality and trust himself to medical Dar Al Shefa group.
And into expert and ambitious vision, which does not stop at the Dar Al Shefa Hospital speaks about its efficiency and its ability to provide the highest health and medical services to its visitors with a capacity of fifty beds and so in 1413.
And brought him more medical cadres from all over the world and in order to provide the best kinds of therapeutic services to goers hospital ambition did not stop at that, but also extended to the creation of said giant overlooking the King Fahd Road additional enlargement of bringing the number of beds to ninety bed and a teacher from Riyadh city landmarks as one of the major projects of the city negligible when visiting Riyadh from non-residents
have been taken into account at the design aesthetic appeal by virtue of it is located on the main road in Riyadh Moreover, it has been providing a number twenty-two wing hypnosis VIP number (64) independent hypnosis room was outfitted the latest medical equipment from operating theaters and intensive care for adults number (11) bed, the young and the rooms for the birth of modern laboratories and accurate results are very sophisticated and rays.
It was reinforced sufficient number of specialized and highly skilled medical staff in all disciplines in addition to nursing instructor and skilled team is not surprising that the Dar Al Shefa Hospital in Riyadh headlines for success, because behind the Board of Directors versed headed by seasoned HE worth

Sharif / Abdullah bin Zaid Nasser Al-Mahmoud

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