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Home health care
The service is provided through the home health care program, and it provides continuous and comprehensive health care and follow-up for patients who do not have access to health facilities in their places of residence, through a trained health team and in continuous coordination with the attending physician, where the work team fully assesses the health status of each patient before its inclusion. In the service, to find out his health and social situation, and to ensure the safety of the environment in the home, and the family’s ability to provide a favorable climate for the care of the patient in his place of residence, and acceptance is made to calculate specific criteria
Fill out a special form for transfer from the consultant physician or the specialist treating the patient in the hospital, and it is referred to the home health care department
The referral must be made 48 hours before the patient is discharged from the hospital
Evaluation of the patient in the hospital before discharge by the home health care team (doctor, nurse and specialist)
Developing a clear treatment plan in coordination with the treating physician
Interview and evaluate the patient’s facilities at home, his ability to care for the patient, and inform him of the patient’s duties and rights
Evaluate the patient’s home and the safety of his environment
Initiate training for patient facilities and improve patient care capacity
Ensure that the patient’s necessary needs are met before discharge from the hospital
Accept the patient and make an appointment for the first visit
Open the patient’s file in the hospital, and another file at home, according to the approved forms, and set a schedule and dates for visits according to the requirements of the patient’s medical condition

Appointment Booking

    Online detection

    Online appointment booking will be remote detection from home through one of your preferred means of communication