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Many times we inadvertently neglect the health of the ears by following some bad habits that cause a number of problems to the ears. Some people may use ear towels to clean the ear because they are handy. However, some bacteria may enter the ear and become infected. Always clean the ear with the sticks in a soft way.

Avoid scratching the key should be avoided, as it can damage basic ear functions and cause a type of abscess inside the ear. The finger is not inserted into the ear. Sometimes, the finger holds a number of bacteria and viruses. Thus, inserting it to scratch the ear may damage the ear.

Many believe that cleaning the ear daily helps to keep it healthy, but this method may damage the ear. It can remove the glue produced by the ear. So you should only clean the ear once every two days to keep it healthy.

Some use oxygen in the ear to clean it without consulting a doctor, which may damage it if it is not dried well or the wrong type of oxygen is used. Hearing songs loudly through the earphones can cause significant damage to the eardrum and thus cause hearing problems in the future. So listen to music loudly when you put earphones on

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