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Medical tips for pure fresh skin

Searching for a beautiful appearance and a soft, clear skin is a legitimate demand for all women and men alike, and many must ask for a health program and guidelines to help them maintain a fresh complexion.

These are key points and tips for getting healthy skin.

1 – Eat a moderate food containing fresh fruits, vegetables and food rich in fiber. The skin needs all these natural substances and their vitamins.

If you feel that your diet is unbalanced, it is preferable to add some vitamins by mouth and prefer to drink (2) liters of water daily

2 – Do not try to lose weight quickly if you are more than (40) years because rapid weight loss leads to facial wrinkles and gives you the impression of aging,
If you need to lose weight, try to lose half a kilo a week or about 2 kilos a month.

3 – Do exercise exercises, the most important sport walking, swimming, riding a bike
Skin, like the rest of the body, benefits very well with good blood perfusion. Good perfusion gives your skin freshness.

4 – Stop smoking, studies have shown that wrinkles in smokers appear more quickly, and more strongly than non-smokers.
If you want to keep your skin fresh, stop smoking now.

5 – Make sure you sleep enough and comfortable time, and know that fatigue leads to aging.

6 – Use moisturizing cream daily and suitable for you.

7. Avoid severe and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Try to apply a condom half an hour before going out, especially in hot areas,
Add another layer every two hours after swimming and sweating.

Combined, these factors make your skin look healthy and make you look younger, and always remember that it is more useful than hundreds of cosmetics, whether well packaged or expensive.

The beauty and the use of cosmetics and skin care is essential and legitimate for all to see the beautiful face Bassam delights and delights the soul.

And do not believe that there is one man does not like to see his wife beautiful or beautified, but advice to you to use cosmetics and skin care that suits your skin and after consulting a dermatologist,
The use should be mild because excessive application of these products may harm the skin and damage such as acne and skin pigmentation, for example.

I advise you to refrain from using creams, powders, pastes and masks that you see on the pages of magazines and newspapers or described by friends, neighbors and barbers that contain unknown components and unknown interest and contents, which often turn on the user worse, God forbid.

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