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Hospital rooms are designed very carefully to suit all the needs of patients of all categories according to the latest trendy designs for health Mounhiat at the highest international quality standards, all rooms are connected to the nursing centers to allow them to follow inpatients on 24 hours a day.

The hospital administration is the control room and follow up on all the services provided to patients of the food provided to them to follow up from the dietitian, and the cleanliness of the rooms and sterilized and maintenance and so on … in order to ensure that patients receive the best service and health care provided to them and all the corridors leading to the rooms there are cameras monitoring to ensure that patients receive the best service and privacy SAFE them.

Number of rooms and described:
19 Suite (VIP) overlooking the King Fahd Road directly
63 modern single rooms
2 budget rooms (number 4 beds)
independent emergency rooms

There are six sections of the hospital hypnosis:

Men’s section
The women’s section
Department of Surgery
Department of intensive care for adults
Department of intensive care for newborn babies

Appointment Booking

    Online detection

    Online appointment booking will be remote detection from home through one of your preferred means of communication