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The role and functions of the social service department:
Touring hypnosis clinics and departments, State the purpose of identifying the situation and the needs and problems of patients, doctors and participate in rounds in order to inform them of the social, psychological and environmental conditions of the patients, which may have an impact on the formulation of the treatment plan.
-tkadim Collective and individual counseling and guidance services for the purpose of providing people with serious diseases needed to cope with problems and difficulties associated with the disease and psychosocial support.
Conclusion of educational seminars, which aims to spread cultural, health and social and religious awareness of patients and their families in addition to participating in the global weeks (week health, smoking, AIDS, anti-drug).
-altakd That patients are aware of their problems and medical treatment plans and surgical procedures and drugs in order to enhance their consent, that is to provide patients with the necessary information by the physician.
Assist in conducting surveys in hypnosis and outpatient departments to study the convictions of patients and their consent to a different hospital services.
Contribute in social studies and research on the phenomena that affect the health of the community and the individual and the development of appropriate solutions in conjunction with the relevant authorities. Directs patients who need rehabilitation services in accordance with the medical condition to medical rehabilitation and vocational training institutes or private education centers.
Contribute with other departments in the process of coordinating the patients out of the hospital, and to participate in the exit plan, especially in cases that need special care appliances.
Suggesting systems and regulations that ensure good performance in the field of social services, and then submitted to the Department of Social Services for the purpose of submission to the medical and social services ministry.
Assist in securing some medical supplies for patients and that can not be secured within the hospital.
-Finish Necessary actions to transform the abandoned children of nursery and social role.
Prepare monthly reports on the work and activities of the worker and his achievements, observations and recommendations related to the development work in the department.
Participate in working in the hospital committees and display the necessary reports from which to support and provide the needs of the patient and make sure patients get needed health care.

In conclusion, the service provided to each patient adapter for the Department of Social Service conducted in accordance with the psychological, social and economic needs and the conversion either by the doctor, the nurse, the patient himself or his relatives or by the daily round of social worker.
and ensure that patients get the necessary medical care and their decent to the highest quality and safety standards The role and functions of the Social Services Department.

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