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About the section:

The Nutrition Services Department to provide meals and answer nutritional needs of hospital patients of all age groups.

Field section:

In addition to providing meals for patients and hospital staff and visitors,
The Nutrition Services Department evaluates the nutritional needs as well as the preparation of food treatment plans for patients with diabetes, pressure and other chronic diseases as well as patients who are suffering from malnutrition. This is also the nutritional needs of patients evaluation by age group (children and the elderly) and the provision of health care for them accordingly, according to the highest quality and safety standards.

Services and tasks:

  • The Nutrition Services Department and food services and the following tasks:
  • Unify the food service procedures in the hospital and integrated with existing systems.
  • Supervision and control and monitoring of food supply to maintain the highest levels of quality in the food services provided to hospital patients, staff and visitors.
  • Food needs assessment, counseling and outreach to patients.
  • Develop food plans for patients with special requirements in conjunction with the doctors in the hospital.
  • The nutritionist to develop and follow a diet for patients in consultation with your physician during hypnosis in clinics after patients out.

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