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Global technology: the laboratory has the latest global laboratory devices and corresponding to international standards, which helps high-speed delivery of results and help the doctor to give the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.
Coverage: The laboratory cover a large list of tests, such as:

  • All kinds of blood tests.
  • Analysis of hormones.
  • Analyzes of viruses.
  • Analyzes of immune diseases.
  • Analyzes of tumor markers.
  • Analyzes of genetic diseases.
  • Analyzes farms of all kinds.

    This is in addition to the existence of the group private blood bank, which is one of the hallmarks in the city of Riyadh.
    The department issued health certificates for the renewal of residence, municipal and approved by the Ministry of Health.

Appointment Booking

    Online detection

    Online appointment booking will be remote detection from home through one of your preferred means of communication