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Section provides services to all age groups and include Assessment and diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases that include services and initial test Albesrawaltsoar tomographic common surgeries from Phacoemulsification and lens implant blue waters and other eye surgeries, which include Special Surgery for patients with diabetes.

available services department:

  • measure of view and field of vision and visual acuity with the latest global devices.
  • perform the most complex surgical procedures with the latest methods of modern scientific instruments treatment by consultants possess numerous scientific awards from the global medical community.
  • reform vision laser vision correction and dispense eyeglasses final.
  • This is in addition to providing the latest in the world of specialized global vision devices.
  • cataract operation.
  • blue waters of the process.
  • corneal transplant process.
  • eradicate body glass process.
  • Vicoa process with the cultivation of the eye lens.
  • the process of removing sebaceous cyst in the eyelid.
  • eye screening ultrasound to measure the lens of the eye.
  • check the thickness of the cornea.
  • check eye pressure.
  • check the eye network enlargement.
  • Action examination glasses.
  • remove a foreign body from the eye cornea superficial and deep.
  • nails on the eye.
  • repeated nails.
  • laser on the retina.
  • laser on the back of the capsule.
  • Avastn injection into the eye.
  • laser for the treatment of retinal session.
  • expand and wash Hungarian tears under anesthesia.
  • Sectional rays on the retina.

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