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The women’s section and childbirth services:

• delayed childbearing Services:
Treatment of infertility with the latest therapeutic and surgical methods including injection uterine and ICSI and IVF.
• one-day surgery:
All laparoscopic surgeries in and out during the 24-hour surgery and repair the fall of the wall of the front and back of the vagina.
• major surgery:
Eradication of fibroids and hysterectomy without laparotomy by laparoscope and vaginally and eradicate ovarian tumors while preserving the reproductive ability.
• childbirth services:
Birth without pain ((natural birth)) less the percentage of Caesarean sections does not exceed 20.5%

Follow-up of pregnancy and childbirth program:

A special program to follow up on pregnancy, childbirth and during periodic visits to the clinic, obstetrics and gynecology, and the work of all the necessary tests and ultrasound-ray detection in addition to teaching classes on physiology of pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding and nutrition.

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