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Advisory services to considered before and after the operations as the backbone of this section, which serves a wide range of disorders provide the hands of the most efficient doctors treatment, and follow the approach is to reduce dependence on the surgery, leading to quick results and services offered include treatment for the kidney and ureter and kidney stones and venereal diseases and urinary diseases and inflation prostate and urinary incontinence and sexual weakness and lack of erection.

available services department:

Masculinity and infertility treatment, sexual weakness diseases:

  • Treat patients who suffer from the inability to reproduce or ED and psychological rehabilitation of the newly married couples.
  • the treatment of urinary baskets and bedwetting: Whether women or men or children and treatment either with drugs or by surgery.
  • senile inflation treat prostate: Whether that treatment with drugs or through binoculars or incision as well as the treatment of chronic inflammation of the prostate.

urinary tract surgery for children:   And congenital defects, whether by the male or the rest of the kidney or urinary tract parts.

Unit fragmentation of urinary tract stones:

  • Without pain and without anesthesia and without hypnosis, there are in this unit the latest device to break up kidney stones, ureter, bitterness in the world of hi Medical Company Swiss .walve achieved the highest success rate in the world, according to the statistics of American pharmaceutical Foundation and the device is equipped with measuring the EKG to help raise the degree of safety device works the lithotripsy fully to very small pieces so easily disposed of without pain or bleeding and works with the help of Florotskobh ray machines also has the advantage that it does not require general anesthesia for the patient.

Integrated unit Binoculars:

  • the treatment of kidney stones, ureters, bladder and urethra.
  • bloated eradicate prostate and urethra.
  • enlarged prostate geriatric eradication.
  • eradication of bladder tumors.
  • to expand the construction of a narrow stream of urination and freeing laparoscopic.
  • the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux ureter and bladder endoscopic injection.
  • different surgeries:
    Urinary tract diseases, infertility, sexual weakness when you need a very high degree of efficiency.

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